Thank you for visiting the website of the Sousa Tribute Band: the only professional civil wind band in Europe specialised in performing the music composed by John Philip Sousa (1854-1932), better known as ‘The March King’.

This world renowned American composer and bandleader composed a.o. 136 published Marches for military, circus and civilian use, 11 Operettas, several works for orchestra (Suites & Tone Poems), Dances, Songs and Piano music.

Sousa’s most popular Marches are: The Liberty Bell, The High School Cadets, The Washington Post, Semper Fidelis, The Thunderer, The Stars and Stripes Forever. His most popular Operettas are: El Capitan, The Bride Elect, The Charlatan.

As man of his time and era, Sousa is looked upon as the first composer of classical music born in the USA. During his lifetime, he was the most popular American musician. He played the violin. The sousaphone is developed at his request and named after him.


Stanley E. van Wel MM – Founder & Music Director

Stanley E. van Wel MM